Seared Pork Chops With White Cheddar Grits

Tonight’s dinner was completely on a whim. No planning. Just complete spontaneity.
First, I made a marinade of minced garlic, thyme, and olive oil for the pork chops. I seasoned both sides with salt and pepper and added them to the marinade. I did this first so while I was prepping everything else they could have some flavor imparted. They’re basically a blank canvas so bold seasoning is necessary!
Then, I started with the grits, it’s my first time making them, by the way. Super easy, and I’ve made polenta before and they’re similar.
I cooked the grits in chicken stock and milk (1:4 ratio, about) along with black pepper, salt, and a clove of garlic, which I later removed.
Once all this was heated I poured in my grits.


They took about 30 minutes, but if your using instant, they’ll take a shorter time. Once they’re completely done, whisk in grated sharp white cheddar cheese, or a cheese of your choice. How much you add is completely up to you.

After that, I got ready to make the pork chops..


Next, I seared the pork chops in canola oil (or any oil with a high smoke point). Sear them until they’re golden brown. Don’t cook them thoroughly at this point, they’ll be finished in the oven.

Once all the chops are seared, you’ll have a lot of brown bits, or fond, stuck to the bottom if the pan. This is good! This is where the flavor of your gravy is going to mostly come from. At this point, deglaze with white wine. (I used cooking wine, but if you’re going to using anything other than that, make sure it’s something you’d be comfortable drinking.).


Reduce this until it’s about half of what it was. (I used about 3/4 of a cup to start with.). Once reduced, add chicken stock. The reason you don’t add pork stock with pork is because, for one thing, I’ve never seen pork stock… Anywhere… And also chicken stock with take on the flavor of the pork from the fond in the pan. Chicken stock also has great body, or consistency.


Once this comes to a boil, add roux (equal parts flour and fat, cooked in a saucepan until the raw flour taste is gone.). It should come out looking like this:


And of course you want a vegetable. I simply used zucchini that sliced into half moons, orange bell peppers that I julienned, minced garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, then I roasted it in the oven. Simple. Delicious.


Now you wait…..
The pork has to be cooked to 145 degrees Fahrenheit MINIMUM! Or you could get sick. And you want the vegetables to be crisp tender, or al dente.

Here’s the finished product.


And that’s it!
Try it out!
And don’t forget to share, like, follow, and comment!

Thanks for reading. 😁😊


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