The Garden. 🍒🍇🍓🍑🍐🍅

This summer I plan on using all the fresh ingredients in my garden. We planned everything from San Marzano tomatoes to curly parsley, in addition to the peach, pear, apple, and cherry trees that were planted many, many years ago. Another thing we have is a grape vine. I swear these grapes are the sweetest, juiciest grapes you will ever taste! Nothing like the ones you buy in the grocery store. 🙅
I’ve had plans for almost every crop since day one. The San Marzano tomatoes & heirloom tomatoes will mostly become sauce, but I’ll also incorporate them into fresh salads!
And for the fruit trees… Ice cream or sorbet anyone? 😉
For herbs, we have basil, flat leaf parsley, and curly parsley. They’ll be incorporated into my homemade sauces and salads, and as beautiful fresh garnish!
The peaches and grape aren’t ripe yet, but hopefully they’ll be there in a few weeks. 😊


As for the herbs, Ive already started using them!



The San Marranos haven’t flowered yet, but the I found a few small, young heirlooms tucked away..


As for the cherries, I spent about 45 picking those sour jewels and it was worth it.


Sorry, this post doesn’t include a recipe, but before the week is over, I’ll try and post a recipe using one or more of the fresh ingredients from my garden!

More pictures to come when everything is fully grown, bright, and ready to eat!

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