4th of July Barbecue! 🇺🇸

Tired of the same thing year after year for 4th of July? Tired of the sweet Kansas-City Style Barbecue? The spicy Texas Style Barbecue? Tired of “American” Barbecue all together?
Now I know it might seem like sacrilege to not enjoy “American” barbecue while celebrating the day our country gained it’s independence, BUT once you sink your teeth into these Asian-Style Barbecue Ribs, it won’t even phase you!

The tomato and vinegar, even the mayonnaise and mustard based sauces of the American south can’t get repetitive. So if you’re looking for a sauce completely on the opposite end of the spectrum, your looking in the right place.

For these hoisin ribs, I didn’t make my own hoisin sauce (sorry), but that is on a different level for me. However, I didn’t just dump a bottle of hoisin onto a slab of meat and call it a day. I gave these ribs a little touch of myself. A little personality.

I started with two packs of pork loin rack ribs that were already cut into individual ribs. I seasoned them with salt and black pepper… Simple enough so far, right?
Then I started adding the personality. I minced 4 cloves of garlic and about 1 1/2 tbsp of fresh ginger root. I mixed this with a few tablespoons of canola oil, however you could use any neutrally flavored oil. I tossed the ribs in this mixture and shoot them in the refrigerator for a few hours. Overnight is better, though, as I always say.


And did I mention this recipe is also pretty much fullproof? I’ve always had a problem making ribs tender and fall off the bone on the grill because the temperature is usually too high or inconsistent. So, I start the ribs on the grill to get that lovely smoky flavor and a little bit of caramelization, then I braise them in a flavorful hoisin and soy stock. Braising is full proof in my opinion because if your cooking something a moist, flavorful environment, how could it turn out dry? (By biggest fear) And also I love the texture of braised meats, so you could say it’s my favorite cooking method.

Here’s how I made the braising liquid: I chopped half of a medium onion and sautéed it in canola oil until it was translucent (clear). Then I added about half a cup of hoisin sauce and a few tablespoons of soy sauce. Then I added about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. And this is what I call adding my own flare.


Once the ribs got off the grill (when they were golden and beautiful and smelling up the place) I submerged them in the hoisin mixture and cooked them on the stove top until they were fall off the bone tender. But you could also shoot them in the oven to braise. Just make sure, either way, the cooking vessel is covered and the liquid is half way up the meat. (I filled the remaining space with water.)

The braising liquid reduced down a made a beautiful glaze. And that concludes this Asian inspired barbecue to celebrate Americans independence. Sounds funny. But try this recipe today or any day really, I’m sure you won’t regret it. 😉


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  1. These ribs sound unbelievably good!!! I can’t wait to try it!

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