Charred Tomato Salsa

In my search to find recipes to use up the surplus of tomatoes in my garden, another obvious one popped in my head. Salsa. Considering the fact that I also have a variety of peppers in my garden, it was a given.
To add a little chef-y touch, I began by charring the tomatoes (a combination, again, of hothouse, heirloom, and San Marzano.), 1 banana pepper, 1 cherry bomb pepper, and 1 medium onion in my stovetop grill pan to give it a deep, smoky flavor. By charring the ingredients, the flesh was only delivered an acute amount of heat, so the freshness was maintained.

After everything had light grill marks (you don’t want to completely singe the vegetables), I simply diced them up. The cherry bomb peppers and onions were minced. The banana pepper and tomatoes were diced to give the salsa texture.
I combined all the ingredients in a bowl with salt to taste and a splash of apple cider vinegar for brightness; although you could use lime, lemon, or any other acid.
As simple as this is, this salsa still delivers a fresh, slightly spicy punch! And you may not consider salsa comfort food (my point of view) BUT what I say to that is: What’s more comforting than eating food that you’ve sown and harvested yourself?

I also made some homemade tortilla chips for dipping. šŸ˜‰


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