About This Blog

I’m an 18 year old college student who has been cooking for upwards of 6 years! My ethnic background is Jamaican and African American, but my culinary background is global. I haven’t travelled far outside of my small town but I feel as if I’ve travelled the world… through food. I’ve studied cuisines from every corner of the globe; in school and on my own time. And now I’m making them my own!
One thing I’ve learned is that in every cuisine, there are nostalgic, feel-good foods, like those a grandmother would cook. That is comfort food by definition. However, many people’s idea of comfort food is narrow. They think it’s simply southern American food. But, I’m here to broaden that idea!
In addition to their global flare, my dishes are never too complicated, but they could sure fool you.
And since my rather recent involvement in gardening, I’ve fallen in love with fresh, seasonal produce. So, of course, that had to be included in my culinary point of view!
Basically, what I’m trying to say is… This blog is all about accessible comfort food with globally inspired flavors and seasonal ingredients.
So come on this food adventure with me to eplore the world through approachable dishes that redefine your comfort food standards.


The material on this blog is meant to be shared, however all content is original 
intellectual property. If you use a recipe or share, please credit this blog with 
a link. Thank you.



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